Gel-based proteomics or also termed Classical proteomics is a robust technique for resolution of complex protein samples e.g. derived from bacterial cell lysates. Proteins are first separated according to their apparent charge in isoelectric focusing. In a second step they are subjected to SDS PAGE. If stained for proteins abundance or with functional stains that are reflecting e.g. the phosphorylation status of a protein (Diamond ProQ), gel images can be compared by sophisticated software like Decodon Delta2D for differential analyses.

Particular protein spots of interest or all proteins spots on a gel may be analysed with our high- throughput pipeline for fully automated system of gel cutting, protein digestion and MALDI-spotting (see image).

The MALDI-TOF measurements are done on the AB SCIEX TOF / TOFTM 5800 Analyzer (AB Sciex / MDS Analytical Technologies). This instrument is designed for high throughput measurements with in- built capabilities for calibration of spectra during automated measurements.