Proteomics Summer School

The Institute of Microbiology offers an annual international proteomics summer school. The one-week course organized by Prof. Dörte Becher & Dr. Susanne Sievers includes a theoretical and a laboratory section. Attendance is certified and credited with 2 ECTS points.

Main Topics

Experimental design
(theory, including individual coaching)
Protein extraction & sample preparation
(theory & practical experience)
Mass spectrometry-based proteomics
(theory & practical experience)
Label-based and label-free quantitative proteomics
(theory & practical experience)
Application of classical proteomics & metaproteomics in microbiology
Data analysis & visualization
(theory & practical experience)


More information:

Summer School flyer (Flyer_Summer School_2023).

Summerschool 2023-time schedule (Flyer time schedule)

The summer school will be held again from July 10 to 15, 2023.

For further information please contact:

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