Bacterial Physiology

Prof. T. Urich


The department „Bacterial  Physiology“ is engaged in a variety of aspects of the biology of microorganisms . For this purpose we develop and apply metagenomic methodologies to study the physiology and interactions of microorganisms directly in their environment, without the need for cultivation.

Current research interests include:

  • The role of gut microbiota in human and animal health and disease
  • Microbes in permafrost soil and their role in global greenhouse gas emissions
  • Metabolic and trophic interactions between soil microorganisms and their consequences for carbon and nitrogen cycling
  • Methanogenic archaea: physiology and ecology of novel methanogens

Selected Projects

  • Rumen Methanomassilicoccales as target for methane mitigation: eco-physiology and interactions assessed by integrated meta-omics. UniDocs Project funded by University of Vienna (2014-2017).
  • Microbial genomes and community gene expression in high arctic terrestrial ecosystems. Norwegian Research Council NFR (2009-2014) PI Mette Svenning, Tromsø (Norway). Co-PI.